Online Payment in Togo: Solutions for Accepting Payments

The Togolese digital landscape is undergoing rapid and significant transformation. According to the Digital 2023 report by We are social and Meltwater, 35% of the Togolese population uses the internet in 2023, which is 3.13 million internet users, marking a growth of 2.3% compared to the previous year. More impressively, the adoption of digital payments is on the rise: 42% of individuals aged 15 and above made at least one digital payment in 2022, compared to 31.3% in 2021, showing a remarkable increase of more than 10 points in just one year. In 2023, 36% of the population aged 15 and above has a mobile money account, while 8.5% have a credit or debit card.

Despite this trend, cash remains the dominant payment method in Togo. However, with the emergence of online payments and purchases, a question arises for merchants and service providers who want to enter e-commerce in Togo: how to implement efficient and secure solutions for accepting online payments?

In this article, we provide insights and concrete solutions for accepting your payments online if your business is located in Togo.

State of Online Payment in Togo

Togo, although small in size, is becoming a dynamic player in the field of online payments in West Africa. Togolese consumers have access to a variety of payment methods to make their online transactions. Credit cards, such as VISA, MasterCard, and GIM UEMOA, are widely accepted. Additionally, Mobile Money payment solutions, including Moov Money by Moov Africa Togo and Tmoney by Togocom, have become essential for many Togolese.

According to a report published by TINA TOUR in 2023, the online payment landscape in Togo is booming with the emergence of several actors playing the role of aggregators or payment gateways. These actors greatly facilitate e-commerce by offering solutions tailored to the needs of merchants and consumers. Among these major players, you can find: CashPay from SEMOA, CinetPay, PayGate, Fedapay, KKiaPay, QOS, Paydunya, MaPay, PayPlus, and Bizao.

These solutions not only stand out for their reliability but also for their adaptability. Most of them offer an API and a web application, making it easy to integrate with various e-commerce platforms. Additionally, some of them, such as PayDunya, MaPay, or FedaPay, also provide a mobile application, enabling merchants and consumers to have an even smoother payment experience. Special mention should be made for SEMOA, whose CashPay solution allows issuing invoices via the Dédé chatbot accessible on WhatsApp, demonstrating constant innovation in this field.

In summary, Togo presents a maturing online payment ecosystem with a multitude of actors offering innovative solutions adapted to local needs.

Which Solutions to Choose for Online Payments in Togo?

When it comes to choosing a solution for accepting online payments, several criteria come into play. Of course, the security of the payment infrastructure, aggregated payment methods, transaction fees, and withdrawal conditions are essential factors to consider. However, it is equally crucial to pay attention to the accessibility of customer support and the quality of the API documentation to ensure smooth integration of the payment solution into your website or application.

At PANDORA, we have had the opportunity to test several of these solutions. While some platforms, such as CinetPay, Paydunya, or Bizao, offer more direct online access and responsive customer support, one solution, in particular, has stood out to us: CashPay from SEMOA. Although creating an account and requesting API integration are not immediate online processes, SEMOA more than compensates with the robustness of its infrastructure, the diversity of its features (including QR Code, Payment Link, Online Store), and its ability to enable payments via mobile money and credit cards. Furthermore, being a Togolese company, it offers valuable proximity for local merchants.

Moreover, if your priority is to accept payments exclusively via Mobile Money without the need for credit card integration, PayGate could be the ideal solution for you.

In conclusion, the choice of the payment solution will depend on your specific needs, budget, and target audience. It is essential to thoroughly evaluate each option to ensure an optimal payment experience for your customers and efficient management for your business.


The rapid growth of internet usage and digital payments, coupled with a variety of online payment solutions, puts Togo on the map of digital commerce in West Africa. However, choosing the right payment solution is crucial to ensure not only transaction security but also an optimal user experience.

At PANDORA, we believe that the key lies in a thorough assessment of the specific needs of each business while staying abreast of market innovations and trends. With the right tools and partners, such as SEMOA and other major players, your transition to e-commerce in Togo will not only be smooth but also fruitful.

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